Seyedeh Shaghayegh Hosseini (Shaq)

Department of Biology and Biological Engineering,
Chalmers University of Technology,
Kemivägen 10, SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

Phone: +46(0)31 772 8176
Fax: +46(0)31 772 3801
E-mail: shaghayegh.hosseini [at]
Office: Room 3058

Personal Text

Shaq has computer science and bioinformatics background.  She is the manager of the computational lab and responsible for computational infrastructure at the SysBio division.
The following section provides an overall view of Shaq’s role in the group.

  1. Provide computational infrastructure for systems biology based research
    • Develop new software applications (data models and scientific databases and web-based bioinformatics tools) or customize existing applications to meet specific systems biology and bioinformatics needs using complex programs and tools
    • Develop bioinformatics pipeline and tools for omics dana analysis including genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics 
    • Provide data management and processing solution e.g., high performance computing, storage management, remote backup and cloud based solutions

  2. Provide support for research
    • Consult with researchers to analyze problems and troubleshoot software issues related to computational infrastructure and provide customized solutions in data analysis
    • Improve and manage software testing and error handling for bioinformatics pipelines and web applications
    • Instruct researchers in the selection and use of bioinformatics tools by providing SOPs and organizing workshops and hands on experiences for research tools

  3. Provide high-end and future forward computational solutions for research
    •  Introduce new computational technologies and platform
    • Advise researchers on the development or use of new technologies

  4. Collaborate with other research facilities and research groups in the bioinformatics and systems biology community.
    • Collaboration with SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing), ICSB (Computational system Biology Infrastructure facility at Chalmers and SciLife Lab), Gothenburg University core facility, Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network


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